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Chiropractic Treatments You Might Need After A Slip And Fall Injury

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If you slip and fall, you could receive a bad injury. The part of your body that's injured depends on the way you land. If you catch yourself on your hands, you could jolt your spine or back. You could hurt your hip, knee, neck, or shoulder. It's important to know you may not even feel the worst pain right away. The pain may slowly build over the coming days as inflammation sets in.

That's why it's important to seek medical help right away. If there could be a lawsuit or insurance claim involved, you want documentation of your injury. Even if you're not making a claim, early treatment from a doctor or chiropractor for a slip and fall injury could help you recover more easily. Here are some treatments you may need.

Pain Relief Treatments

A chiropractor can help you with pain relief by providing cold or hot therapy. They might recommend ultrasound treatments that deliver deep heat. The doctor might also teach you how to give yourself hot and cold treatments at home. Heat increases circulation and promotes healing while cold can decrease inflammation.

Massage Treatments

You might have too much pain to do aggressive chiropractic treatments at first, so your chiropractor might give you a deep massage on your back or where you're injured to increase circulation, reduce muscle tension, and provide pain relief. A massage can also keep scar tissue from forming or break it up so scars don't cause problems with pain later.

Range Of Motion Therapy

If you're stiff and sore, you may not be moving much. Your chiropractor might use their hands to move your affected joint through its normal range of motion or as much as possible so the joint doesn't get stiff and weak. The chiropractor might even recommend physical therapy to help you maintain flexibility and to strengthen muscles in your back.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Once you're ready, your chiropractor may begin chiropractic adjustments. These help your spine return to a more normal alignment so the pressure is relieved on nerves and other tissues. You may need several treatments over the coming weeks to help your back heal and to prevent chronic pain.

Before your chiropractor chooses the right treatment for your slip and fall injury, they need to determine how you were injured. You may have injured muscles that spasm, or joint, ligament, or tendon damage. The chiropractor may need to run tests to determine the extent of your injury and to make sure your treatments will be effective and safe.  

For more info about slip and fall injuries, contact a local company.