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3 Ways a Chiropractor Can Assist After a Collision

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Were you in a collision that left you feeling confused and with a painful back? The first thing that should be done is making an appointment with a physician to find out whether you have any serious issues that need to be treated. If no surgery is needed, it is worth giving some consideration to getting relief through a chiropractor. There are a few different things that a chiropractor can treat using natural techniques. This article contains a list of some of the ways that a chiropractor can be helpful for a collision victim.

1. Relieve Whiplash Symptoms

The confusion that you are experiencing is one of the symptoms that are associated with a condition known as whiplash. Basically, whiplash happens when you are rear-ended and your neck moves quickly in a way that is unnatural. The condition can also cause stiffness in your arms and shoulders, neck pain, and blurred vision. A chiropractor can give you relief by deeply massaging your neck, shoulders, and arms to release the tension.  Be prepared to wear a cervical collar for a couple of days before treatment begins, as the collar can limit movement of your neck and reduce inflammation.

2. Perform the Rolfing Technique

A technique known as Rolfing can be helpful for recovering after a collision. A chiropractor can use the technique for giving you back pain relief as well as relieving muscle tension. There are numerous other conditions that Rolfing can improve as well. For example, Rolfing and affect your lungs to help you breathe easier. Rolfing will involve the chiropractor deeply massaging different areas of the fascia web in your body. The fascia web is basically the connective soft tissues, so even massaging one area can treat numerous conditions throughout your body.

3. Manipulate Your Spine for Pain Relief

Sometimes the only thing that is necessary for back-pain relief is a technique used by chiropractors that is called spinal manipulation. The chiropractor will basically maneuver your spine in a special way to release any air that has accumulated between the joints. Spinal manipulation is also a good way to relieve connective tissue tension in the back. As your spine is adjusted, you will likely hear the sound of popping, but this is nothing that you should be concerned about because it is a natural part of spinal manipulation. Reserve a date to discuss your condition with a chiropractor, such as one at University Physical Medicine, so he or she can give you some relief.