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Stretches Your Chiropractor May Suggest To Ease Persistent Pain

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When you suffer from persistent joint and back pain, that constant discomfort can negatively affect your posture. You may find yourself slumping or favoring one side over the other in an effort to ease pain. Over time, this can actually worsen conditions such as hyperkyphosis. When you visit a chiropractor for routine adjustments, he or she will also typically recommend a variety of stretches to help you keep your muscles more limber and less tense. Here are a few things that you can do to help maintain the benefits you get from those routine chiropractic adjustments.

Stretching Your Neck and Shoulder Muscles

Stretching the muscles in your shoulders and neck will help you to reduce tension around your neck and your spine. Tip your chin forward until it nearly reaches your chest. Slowly roll your head toward one shoulder. Slowly work your way to the other shoulder. Roll your chin back to the middle of your chest to straighten your neck out. Press lightly against the back of your head to  stretch your neck muscles a little bit more.

Another great way to stretch those muscles is to sit up with your spine straight and your shoulders back. Lean your head toward one shoulder, then reach up with that hand and pull your head gently. This helps to stretch the muscles. Hold that for a few seconds to loosen those muscles. Do it again on the other side to balance that stretch.

Stretching Your Hamstring Muscles

When you alter your gait because of back pain, you often face discomfort in your hamstrings because of it. This can even lead to you changing the way that you sit, which may worsen your symptoms. Stretching those muscles a couple of times a day can help restore their strength and support.

Choose a doorway with enough floor space on one side where you can lie down. Lie flat on your back on the floor with one bent up at the hip. The back of that leg should touch the surface of the door frame. Your other leg should be extended on the floor out the door. Slide your body toward the door frame until your knee is straight and your leg is completely extended and straight against the frame. This stretches your hamstring. Hold it for several seconds. Do the same with the other leg by moving to the other side of the door.

Your chiropractor will suggest specific repetitions to ensure that you get the most benefit from these stretches. If you're struggling with muscle tension and joint problems in your back, neck and legs, this will help you to ease that pain. Pair these stretches with your chiropractor's frequent adjustments to ensure the most benefit from the treatment. Talk with a chiropractor like Dils Chiropractic today for more information.