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Subluxations: A Look At This Chiropractic Term And What It Means For You

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Chiropractors, such as at Back & Neck Pain Center, are best known for their ability to address back pain, but they can also address a number of other issues like allergies, immunity deficiencies, and digestive ailments. How can adjusting the back accomplish this? It all lies in the details of a condition known as subluxations. Read on to learn more about what subluxations are, how they affect the body, and why alleviating them can have such profound effects on health.

What are subluxations?

Subluxations are areas where the spinal vertebrae are out of alignment. For instance, a single vertebra may be pushed slightly to the left or slightly to the right. Since the spinal nerves run through the canal in the middle of the vertebral column, when a vertebra is out of alignment, it can press on these nerves.

How do subluxations affect the body?

Most every system in the body is regulated in some way by the spinal nerves. So, when pressure is placed on these nerves, the function of these systems is affected. If a nerve related to the digestive system is under pressure, for example, the patient may experience digestive abnormalities. If a nerve related to the immune system is under pressure, the patient may become sick more often or may suffer from auto-immune conditions.

How are subluxations addressed?

 Your chiropractor will examine your spine to identify the areas where your vertebrae are out of alignment, and then he or she will apply gentle pressure to shift the vertebrae back into their proper place. If your spine has been out of alignment for a while, one adjustment may not be all it takes. The vertebrae may slowly shift back into the subluxated position, so you'll need to have your back re-adjusted to keep your symptoms at bay.

Are there limits to what issues can be addressed by correcting subluxations?

In short, yes, there are limits. Subluxations are not necessarily to blame every time you suffer from any ailment. However, if you have tried conventional treatments for issues like allergies, digestive ailments, and neck pain, but have not found relief, it may be because subluxations are contributing to the issue. Having the subluxations corrected by your chiropractor may help. In general, it is wise to use chiropractic adjustments as a supplemental therapy when other treatments for your various health problems are not sufficiently effective on their own.

To learn more about subluxations and how correcting them can improve your health, speak with your chiropractor.