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Take Care Of Your Back When You Visit A Waterpark This Summer

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It's fun to visit your nearby waterpark with family and friends on a hot summer day, but if you frequently contend with back pain, you might be leery of this activity. There's no need to skip the waterpark in favor of staying at home, but you should be smart about making sure that your visit doesn't cause you to experience pain as your back goes out of alignment. There are a number of simple strategies you can use to ensure that you aren't experiencing any discomfort by the time you get home.

Inquire About Rides First

Many of the rides and other attractions at waterparks are safe for people who are susceptible to back pain, but others are not. It's a good idea to visit the park's information booth and inquire about which rides are bumpy or otherwise toss the user around. For example, some slides in which you travel at a high rate of speed might involve considerable bouncing during your descent, which could exacerbate your back pain. When in doubt, sticking to gentler attractions, such as novice-level waterslides and the lazy river, can often be in your best interest.

Be Careful About Your Posture

If you've decided to forgo the more aggressive rides that could be problematic for your back in favor of something gentler, such as the lazy river, you must make sure that your posture won't cause back pain. While sitting in an inner tube can certainly be comfortable, you don't want to use a posture in which your back is slouched in an unnatural manner. Instead of putting your backside in the center of the inner tube, think about sitting on the edge of the tube and letting your feet dangle throughout the hole. This will allow you to maintain an upright posture that won't harm your back as you make your way around the lazy river.

Be Careful About Lying Down

When you're not enjoying the various attractions at the waterpark, you may opt for lounging in a deck chair or spreading your blanket on the grass and catching some rays. Whenever you're in the lying position, you need to be sure that your lower back is being adequately supported. Since you already likely have towels with you, it's a good idea to fold a smaller towel and place it at the small of your back. If you're lying with your legs straight, a rolled towel behind your knees can also alleviate pressure on your lower back.

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