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4 Ways To Treat & Reduce Occurrences Of Frozen Shoulder

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Suffering from a frozen shoulder can really hold you back from fully participating in life. If you are currently suffering from a frozen shoulder, or frequently suffer from a frozen shoulder, here are four things you can do to help treat and reduce the occurrence of frozen shoulder.

#1 Chiropractic Adjustments

The first thing you should do if you suffer from frozen shoulder often is go see your chiropractor. Chiropractors can help you get all of your bones in line, not just your back. Your chiropractor can take an x-ray of your back and your shoulder. Then, they can use that information along with a physical assessment to determine what parts of your body are out of line and what parts of your body line up perfectly. Your chiropractor can use that information to create a treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will most likely involve coming in for adjustments, where your chiropractor will use various instrument and techniques to get your spine and shoulder in proper alignment again. You may start out with a more intensive round of treatment which will gradually tapper off as your body starts to heal itself.

When your spine and shoulders are properly aligned, your nervous system should start working more effectively as well, which should help reduce the occurrence of frozen shoulder that you have been experiencing.

#2 Change Your Posture

Next, you may be suffering from frozen shoulder based on the way that you carry your body. Together with your chiropractor and doctor, work on evaluating your posture throughout the day and figuring out where you have room for improvement. If you play a sport or do any kind of physical activity, you may want to start with adjusting your posture in that area of your life first, then focus on your sitting at home and relaxing posture and your work posture.

#3 Stretch Your Muscles

When you suffer from frozen shoulder, your muscles become incredibly constricted. One way to prevent reoccurrences is to stretch out your arms and shoulders on a daily basis. When you get up in the morning and sometime in the middle of your day, you should take five to ten minutes to stretch.

#4 Adjust Your Sleep Method

Finally, you may need to look into adjusting your sleep method. When you go to sleep, if you sleep on the side where your shoulder is injured, take a pillow and put it in between the side of your body and your elbow. This will help stretch your subscapularis muscle, which is the one primarily effected by frozen shoulder. If you sleep on the opposite side of your body, put a pillow in front of your stomach so your arm can rest on it while you sleep, kind of like you are hugging the pillow.

The four methods discussed above should help reduce your occurrences of frozen shoulder, which are triggered by your subscapularis muscle. To find out more, speak with a business like Olson Chiropractic Centers.