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4 Tips To Help You Recover More Effectively From A Broken Ankle

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Having a broken ankle in the summer time can really slow you down. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you recover effectively and quickly from your broken ankle.

#1 Get Lots Of Rest; Elevate And Ice It

The best thing that you can do if you broke your ankle is to get as much rest as possible. Increasing your amount of rest will help your body focus on healing instead of focusing on keeping up with everything that you want to do. Whenever you can, elevate and ice your ankle, even after the initial pain has subsided. Be sure to wrap the ice with a towel so it doesn't come into direct contact with your skin and alternate between icing and not icing for equal periods of time.

Try to cut down on your usual level of physical activity and elevate your ankle as much as possible. This will help reduce bruising and swelling in your ankle and will allow your body to focus on healing.

#2 Use Pain Medication As Directed

Next, take the pain medications that your doctor prescribed you. These pain medications will help counter the swelling and will help your body heal more quickly. Don't avoid the pain medications your doctor prescribes you just to tough it out; toughing it out can just draw out the healing process.

If you have a problem with prescription drugs, though, you have to let your doctor know so that they can work on an alternative pain control plan with you that does not put prescription drugs that you can't manage into your hands.

#3 Don't Overdo The Weight

If your doctor has recommended that you not put weight on your foot, don't try to speed things up by putting weight on it sooner than advised. Keep weight off your foot until your doctor tells you that you can put weight on it again. Then, gradually put weight back on your foot and slowly work at strengthening your ankle again. Don't push if it is painful; take a rest, and try again later.

#4 Do Recommended Exercises Each Day

If your physical therapist or doctor has given you specific activities to do to keep your ankle mobile and strong, make sure that you do those exercise each and every day. Do not skip over them because you are busy; find time in your schedule to fit them in. Doing the recommended exercises will help you heal fully and correctly.

#4 Gradually Resume Normal Activities

Finally, when you are allowed to resume normal activities, do so slowly. Do not rush into being as active as you were before. Take it one day and one activity at a time. If your ankle starts to hurt or feels tired and worn out, take a rest. You will eventually get back to the level of activity that you were at before.

The most important thing to do when you break you ankle is to follow your doctor and physical therapist's instructions; they know from experience what will best help you heal.

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