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3 Ways To Reduce The Frequency Of Your Headaches

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Suffering from headaches on a regular basis can be debilitating. Even suffering from headaches occasionally can hold you back from doing what you want to do in life. Here are three things you can implement to reduce the frequency of your headaches.

#1 Increase Your Water Intake

One of the many overlooked reasons why you may end up with frequent headaches is dehydration. Your body needs access to a steady supply of water throughout the day. When your body does not get enough water on a regular basis it can have serious consequences on your health. Your body needs a certain amount of water, not soda or other sugary drinks, in order to function properly. One of the side effects of not getting enough water is frequent headaches.

If you don't drink a lot of water, try to increase your water intake. Have a glass of water with every meal. Make sure that you drink the entire glass before you leave the table. Carry a water bottle with you when you are at work and out and about during the day, and make it a goal to drink the entire container of water every day in addition to the water that you drink at meal time. Increasing your water intake is a simple way to battle your headaches.

#2 Pay Attention To How You Position Your Head

Next, you need to pay attention to how you position your head throughout the day. Your posture can have a lot to do with the frequency with which you get headaches. When you are walking, make sure that you are keeping your head straight and not looking down at the ground or your phone.

When you are sitting at your desk, make sure that your posture is correct. Ideally, your computer should be set up so that you are looking at it straight on; you should have to look down at your computer all day long.

Even when you are at home, try not to slouch when you are watching television and relaxing in the evening. Make that you keep your head straight. When you go to sleep at night, make sure that your head is supported by your pillow. If your pillow is too flat, invest in a pillow that will support your head better.

#3 Get Treatment To Keep Your Head Aligned

Finally, you can further make sure that your head is aligned properly by going to your chiropractor. Your chiropractor can fix misalignment in your spine that is causing your head to not be aligned properly. They can help you examine your lifestyle and determine what you need to do to permanently fix the alignment of your neck and spin that pressure is taken away from your head. Your chiropractor can also use their different tools to massage the muscles on your head and loosen the tension in the muscles on your face and scalp.

These three tips should help reduce the frequency of your headaches. If you find that you still frequently get headaches, consider keeping a headache diary so you can discover more precisely what is triggering your headaches. This will help you develop a more focused treatment plan. Contact a business, such as Gerleman Chiropractic Office, for more information.