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Natural Ways To Deal With Menstrual Pain

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If your menstrual cramps are unbearable and your gynecologist thinks going on some type of hormones or birth control is the best option, you may be looking for some alternative solutions if you don't want to take medication. A lot of people don't want to spend years taking medications to control their bodies since there can be some negative side effects to prescription pills. Here are a few alternative natural options that may help you control your cramping and your discomfort during that time of the month.


There are a variety of natural supplements and herbs that have been used for controlling cramps and other PMS symptoms. Talk with your physician before trying anything, but evening primrose oil capsules could be an option for you. This supplement is also known to help with improving the skin for those that deal with hormonal acne during their period. You gynecologist may have other options to try.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic Adjustments

Blocking out the pain and making sure that everything is aligned are two great options for relief. An acupuncturist can help to relieve the signals of your body cramping so you don't feel how bad the cramps are, and the treatment can help to alleviate the other discomfort and side effects of the period. If your body is out of line at the hips or within the skeletal structure, this could also affect your pain levels. A chiropractor could help to realign your spine and subsequently lower your pain levels. Look for an acupuncturist and a chiropractor in your area. You may also want to consider massage therapy.

Exercise to Eliminate Pain

Getting out and doing cardiovascular activities to keep the blood flowing throughout your body and doing exercises like yoga can help to eliminate some of the menstrual pain that you have each month. Not only does this eliminate discomfort, but it helps to fight bloating and water retention that occurs that makes you feel and look heavier when you're on your period. Additionally, the exercise will make you feel more energized.

That time of the month can be a very difficult time for everyone, but you don't have to suffer in pain and rely on medications to get you through your struggles. Instead, try these different options to help eliminate the cramping and the pain. Prescription medications aren't always the answer, and you don't have to spend the money or put the chemicals in your body if you don't want to.